Thursday, April 29, 2010

So funny, So true

I have plenty of posts of my own to share (believe me, some real cute ones are coming up)... but those will have to wait while I direct you to another blog for today cause it's just too good, hilarious, heartwarming, true, special, revealing to pass up.... and plus, you already have seen our sisterhood through my eyes... so take a look through her's..... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Regardless of....

Regardless of the fact that I haven't been able to spruce up Glass City Love or get a fun picture up, It's wayyy past time to update.... so I will.
It has been 2 weeks since we've made the move and so much has happened! The Lord had been SO good and faithful to provide and take care of us. We have been living with my parents (which has been such a blessing) while we decide where we are to live. Brad has found work (yet another HUGE blessing) and we are just taking one day at a time while the Lord unfolds all things of why we are here and what it will continue to look like.
A few things we have been doing- first of all, it has been so wonderful to reunite with family and have the kids start realizing that this is not one of our "trips"... they have been playing with cousins, grandparents, my cousins kiddos, and having a blast!
Our time in the wilderness was wintery from start to finish so we didn't get outside much, which means that these boys have been enjoying true spring weather to the max and staying outside all day long.
 Needless to say, I'm so thrilled to keep living out this new journey and thankful that the Lord has brought us back here
Picture time-  these are pics of the boys playing with there cousins Ella and Chase, which are my sister Jill's kids. Fun fun.....

by the way... this kid....

had his 2nd birthday while we've been here! Oh Bridger.. you bring such joy to our lives every day.. Happy Birthday buddy!

and this kid...

plays on his very first soccer team next week...and guess who's the coach...

This is gonna be good!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Journey Continues......


We are currently loading our Uhaul and saying our goodbyes to the Wilderness!.... Oh the journey.... let me take you back just a little to explain more..
The "journey" started for us when we were in our second year of marriage and we got our first call from the Lord to move from our home town where we both were born and raised. He took us to Kansas City... it was a crazy step for, scary, exciting, adventurous, and a HUGE learning experience. For the first time, we were away from every thing we knew including  our families and friends. We had to rely on God alone and each other like we never had. Since then, the word "home" has meant so many different things... we moved around the city ALL 5 years we were there and had some priceless experiences with priceless people to go along with it. Then the Lord gave us the privilege of living in Atlanta for a year along side some more incredible people....and then...well,,,,you know the rest....if you've been keeping up with our adventures in The Wilderness. If you haven't, take a look back and get filled in. 
I decided to keep that site the way it is and start a new one for our new journeys. I thought it would be neat to keep it there to look back on the  memories and not change it. Thinking of it now, I wish I had accounts of the other places on record... you know- "Kansas City Love"... "Atlanta Love"... oh well.... at least they are burned in my brain...
On to our new journey.... so... yes... I know what you're thinking.... It WAS a SHORT stay in the Wilderness... but.... we are leaving with the peace of mind that the Lord called us out here for this time and that He has a HUGE plan for this new season in our life. When we felt the Lord calling us to leave, we started asking Him where we were going... In our own minds, we thought of ALL kinds of places we might go but our goal was to really press in to the Lord to see where He was taking us... we pressed in, and much to our surprise... He told us to go back "home" to Toledo, Ohio.......WHAT!!! at first this sounded crazy to me.. I was flooded with thoughts, fears, emotions, questions.... We haven't been home in 7 years!!! I guess I just never thought after all these years of living away that we would go back.... but the Lord was clearly speaking and directing, so as always no matter what, we follow.
 After the initial shock set in, I started to get truly excited, and knowing that this is God's plan is the biggest part of it.. see, no matter where we have gone, it's been amazing because He took us there as part of His plan for our life and THAT is why the adventures have been so sweet to us. So all of the sudden, I had this new look at things and started to get stoked about being able to take our life back to our families and share life with them as we haven't been able to do through these years.
So, my goal as we head back to Toledo ( "the Glass City")... is to go back with new eyes and a fresh perspective.. part of my fears at first were the fact that we grew up there, we already know that area, what's in Toledo? ( i told you they were fears which we all know are of the flesh and usually are ugly, have no merit or value to them)... but that's why I attach LOVE to the end of my blogs...because Brad and I are absolutely blessed to have lived ALL parts of our lives everywhere we have been and we seek to always be in the now, relishing in what the Lord currently has for us... That's what I want to do as we drive (the 25 hours) back to T-town... I want to drive in to town being filled up with His LOVE,  LOVING the fact that He has taken us back there for however long we're to stay, falling in LOVE in a fresh way with the city I grew up in, LOVING on our families and old friends, LOVING getting to know new people we might meet, LOVING the now because this is what we have....... LOVE
So... who's in? If you are, I'm sure it will be loaded with all kinds of new adventures and stories of how cool God is and how he's moving and how we get to be a part of it.
If you end up taking the Glass City Love ride with us and you are not familiar with Toledo, don't be confused when I will speak of parts of Michigan and such which is basically the Greater Toledo Ohio area.. 
Housekeeping- I know it's not a snazzy blog yet, but we DO have to get there and reunite with the city, our peeps, and get out my baby and start taking pics... then I will work on sprucing it up... Until then.... we will be the Uhaul truck and Kia Van traveling east on I-80... destination- "The Glass City"